MSAS appointed by big waver surfer Andrew Cotton

AC imageIt’s a bit out of our norm but we are delighted to have been appointed as the independent safety consultant for the surfing legend Andrew Cotton.

‘Cotty’ as he is affectionately known started surfing at the age of 7 and gained wider acclaim in 2012 when he towed American surfer, Garrett McNamara in to the Guinness Book of World Records for surfing what was confirmed as the biggest wave ever.

In 2014, following a storm in Nazare, Portugal, Cotty surfed what was estimated to be a 80 foot wave, beating his record set three months earlier. He held his own world record by riding what could be the biggest wave ever for approximately 10 seconds.

Video footage of this extraordinary feat can be viewed courtesy of Jose Pedro Gomes, as used in the Ride of the Year category by Billabong XXL in 2014.

From his North Devon home, he works hard all summer to keep in peak physical condition to then chase the swells all over Europe in the winter – constantly chasing down his dream of riding the ultimate big wave.

We relish this opportunity to help keep Andrew safe and sound on his mission!

Read more about Andrew Cotton on his website.